**** URINE ****

Cat and Dog Urine Pet Stain and Odour Remover

If you have a problem with smells and stains from your pets ?

I have a product that will REALLY take care of this problem

ODARID contains the latest Cutting Edge Technolody combined with Micro Penetration Emulsion Technology to completely Destroy Cat and Dog Urine Effectively and Instantly leaving you with a Crystal Clear smelling Home, Car or Caravan.

Turn a Foul smell into a Smile smell. Odarid eliminates Uric Acid and it's by product salt residues in Old Urine (It Doesn't matter how old) and Will Remove the Odour Within 30 Seconds.

Odarid also neutralises fresh urine instantly ensuring NO Residues to Stain or create Odour in the future.

Odarid foams White on contact with urine whether old or new and stains such as vomit, faeces, milk spills, blood, wine and most organic stains and odours. Odarid does a wonderful job on smelly shoes too. Use on carpets, furniture, concrete, wood, grouting, fabric, pet cages, clothing, curtains.

Always spot test areas first as some lesser quality dyes may react to the product.

Odarid works ....you don't.
If this product is used as directed and doesn't do as we say...we'll give you your money back !
NO other product in this class gives a guarantee like this !!

Because we believe in this product and it really does work !!!

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